EHW 2021: What are you doing?

Wednesday 22 December 2021, 2pm to 4.30pm, on Zoom


Lucy Donkin, ‘Shipping soil in Marco Polo’s Iran’

Kate McClune, ‘Medieval and Modern: human-animal interactions over time’

Rohan Chatterjee, ‘When A World Moves On: Land, Life and Struggle in Peru’s Andean Highlands’

Shanmugapriya T, ‘Mapping the transformation of water bodies from British Period (1799) to present in Coimbatore, India’

Dario Fazzi, ‘Ban the Burn: The Trans-Local Campaign against Ocean Incineration, 1974-1988’

Matías Gonzalez, ‘The Araucanía’s influence in the development of the western forestry science (Chile, 1850-2015)’

Andrew Bell, ‘Sowing and Reaping the Seeds of American Influence: The reconstruction and Reforestation of Europe after World War I’

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