EHW 2021: Call for organizers!

We’re looking for a new committee to organize an environmental history workshop in 2021. If you think you might be interested in hosting the workshop, please get in touch!

Environmental History Workshop was established by five early career scholars in 2018 in the hope that it would become an annual, informal environmental history event hosted in the UK. Since then, we have hosted three events with a new organizing committee each year. Groups of predominantly early career scholars hosted events at the Institute of Historical Research, Northumbria University, and online through the University of Liverpool. Each year organizing committees are supported by us, the organizing collective, a group of former organizing committee members.

Over the last three years, Environmental History Workshop has taken the form of panels of papers and a keynote, and has been both in person and online. However, the circumstances of the present time have given rise to a wealth of new and creative online formats for academic events. We would be delighted to support a new committee in exploring a new format should they so wish.

As an organizing collective, we have accrued useful experience in hosting events in person and online which will be at your disposal. There are very few things set in stone about Environmental History Workshop, but there are some principles which have guided past events which we would hope a new committee would uphold:

  • Creating an accessible event with few barriers to participation
  • Being welcoming to scholars who are new to environmental history
  • Being supportive and encouraging towards early career scholars
  • Being rooted in the community of environmental historians here in the UK but open to and enthusiastic about engaging with environmental history across the world

Anyone with a stake in environmental history is welcome to join this year’s organizing committee. There are a few things to consider before joining the committee. Organizing academic events can be time consuming, but we think it is worthwhile for the people you meet, the research connections you discover, and the contribution you make to the development of our field here in the UK. There is no budget attached to EHW – we will give you our time and wisdom, and the keys to the website and twitter feed, but we have no money. Each year we have made EHW work as a free event thanks to grants from institutions and societies, and have scaled the event accordingly. Before joining the committee it is worth considering whether funding might be required and where it might be sought. The main costs for an online event are likely to be funds to pay for a keynote speaker and possibly needing to pay for access to live transcription software for Zoom. However, you may choose to dispense with a keynote speaker, and you may be able to secure free transcription software. We will also be able to give you guidelines on how to run a successful online event.

If you would like to be involved the organizing committee for EHW 2021, please introduce yourself via email to:

We would like to assemble a new committee by the end of the month soon, so please get in touch by Friday 26 March soon!

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